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What It’s About

Small Persons with Wings
A fantasy for ages 10 and older
Penguin/Dial Books for Young Readers
In stores January 20, 2011

Cover photo of Small Persons with Wings

Here’s what it’s about:

Thirteen-year-old Mellie Turpin once declared to her kindergarten class that she had a fairy living in her bedroom. But before she could bring him in for show-and-tell, he disappeared. Years later, she is still trying to live it down, taunted mercilessly by classmates who call her “Fairy Fat.”

Her imagination got her into this. She’s determined to keep it turned off.

When her parents inherit an inn and the family moves to a new town, Mellie sees a chance to finally leave all that fairy nonsense behind. Little does she know that the inn is overrun with… you guessed it. Oh brother.

There’s no such thing as fairies, she keeps telling herself. And if there were, they wouldn’t hurt a fly.


And here’s a sneak peak at Chapter One: PDF