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Texting the Underworld Reviews

Kirkus Reviews (starred), May 15, 2013

“Booraem applies a light touch to her heavy subject… But she doesn’t avoid staring death in the face, saddling her unlikely hero with an agonizing decision that, though framed in fantasy, is all too gut-punchingly real. Like Conor, readers will emerge from this adventure a little bit better equipped for heroism.” 

Kirkus also included TEXTING THE UNDERWORLD on its "Best of 2013" roster! 

Publishers Weekly, July 1, 2013

"As Booraem did in Small Persons with Wings, she uses mythological creatures (in this case, banshees) to tell a story that packs an emotional wallop. . . . In an affecting, funny, and provocative story, Booraem balances the seriousness of a novel about death spirits and finding courage with Ashling's comical interactions with the modern world."

The Horn Book, July/August 2013

Complex characters, a moving story line centered on family and courage, and plenty of exciting moments make this an appealing read for those fans of tales mixing traditional folklore with contemporary life.Monica Edinger

Booklist, October 1, 2013

"Booraem manages to pack a lot of energy into this very modern story about ancient traditions srurounding death. Conor faces challenges by drawing on the strength of his family ties and a little help from his best friend Javier, who helps him solve ancient riddles using twenty-first-century techniques. As Conor learns what he is made of, readers will relish the quirky cast of supporting characters from the underworld, and they may well realize that there's more to life after death than they might have first imagined." —Erin Downey Howerton

Voya, October 2013

"Vivid descriptions of a re-imagined technological Underworld include the Celtic goddess Cailleach registering the dead on a computer. Fascinating characters include the duplicitous 'Lady' of the Underworld and her charming chief advisor, the part-lion Nergal. Booraem approaches a family story about moral dilemmas with a light touch." —Hilary Crew

School Library Journal, December 2013

"At times wildly funny, and at times creepily spooky, TEXTING THE UNDERWORLD merges a realistic setting with fantasy, seamlessly creating a touching story full of suspense, action, and excitement." —Sharon McKellar